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Practice Enhancement  Forums 

20-21 June 2012 

24 February 2011


Practice Enhancement: Working with Complex needs Forum

20-21 June 2012

Park Royal Hotel, Darling Harbour

NADA hosted a two day forum to celebrate the completion of the NADA Practice Enhancement Program which has rolled out since June 2010 with the aim to support drug and alcohol workers and service providers in the non government sector in NSW to work with clients presenting with complex needs such as co-existing drug and alcohol /drug and alcohol and mental health issues and cognitive impairment and / or contact with the criminal justice system.  

Speakers included:

Astrid Birgden, Forensic Psychologist, Deakin University Eileen Baldry and Leanne Dowse, University of NSW Rachel Merton, Brain Injury Association NSW Jamie Berry, Director of Advanced Neuropsychological Treatment Services Recipients of the NADA Service Practice Enhancement Seeding Grants.

For more inforamtion including downloading powerpoint slides from the event click here.

For more information contact Ciara / 02 81131306


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Practice Enhancement Forum: Working with Complex Needs Clients
(followed by the Launch of the NO BARS Website)
 24 February 2011

The Practice Enhancement Program Forum presented specialist speakers focusing on working with clients who present with complex needs such as intellectual disability, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, acquired brain injury and have contact with the criminal justice system.   

The forum included an information session to introduce the Service Practice Enhancement Seeding Grants, outlining the expression of interest process and discussing grant ideas for NADA members to consider when applying for a grant. Grants are now closed for applications. 

More information on the forum click to download:

Forum Summary here and Useful Contacts here.

Acquired Brain Injury Among Other Complex Needs: The Challenges of Enhancing Practice
Rachel Merton, CEO, Brain Injury Association of NSW

How Can We Better Support People With intellectual Disabilities?
Judy Harper, Board Representative, NSW Council of Intellectual Disability

Perspectives on Understanding, Responding and Living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Vicki Russell, National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Sydrome and Related Disorders, Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Disorders Association and Training Connections Australia.

Working with Complex Clients - What's Working In The Sector? What Can Your Organisation Do!
Ian Flaherty, Community Sector Consulting 


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Networking for Court Support: Collaboration, Confidence, Court Support and Case Notes

4 July 2012  -  11 July 2012  - 17 July - 25 July 

NADA in partnership with Legal Aid NSW and Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Centre, Victoria present four free information and networking forums across New South Wales to support drug and alcohol workers in navigating the court system. 

The forums will include:

Overview of the NSW court system and diversion programs including MERIT, CREDIT and Drug Courtpresented by Legal Aid NSW

Getting Case notes right for court  -   Protecting yourself, your service and the clientpresented by Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Centre

Building confidence and capacity for court - presented by NSW Legal Aid

Providing court reports and letters of support, supporting your client in the court room

Getting to know your local court and support services - building relationships with local magistrates, legal practitioners and court support services in your area.

For more inforamtion or to register click here or visit the NADA events page.


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Free training events

For information on upcoming training on ABI click here

Introduction to Acquired Brain Injury

Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder for Drug and Alcohol Workers

No Bars: Supporting Drug and Alcohol Services to Work with Criminal Justice Clients


Introduction to Acquired Brain Injury

Facilitated by Brain Injury Association NSW

Acquired Brain Injury including Alcohol Related Brain Injury can result in many challanging behaviours which are often masked.  This training will provide an overview of how ABI can presnt as consider strategies for working with the range of often challanging presentations.To download a flyer on the training click here.


Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder for Drug and Alcohol Workers

Facilitated by Training Connections Australia and Russell Familt Fetal Alcohol Disorders Association

FASD does not just affect children, but is a disorder that stays with an individual for life.  Working with adults affected by FASD can be challanging, this training gives an overview of the many facets of FASD and explores strategies for working with those affected by FASD. To find out what participants at the February 2011 workshop thought click here.


No Bars: Supporting Drug and Alcohol Services to Work with Criminal Justice Clients

Facilitated by the Community Restorative Centre

This training gives a comprehensive overview of the Criminal Justice System and Clietns in NSW.  Including exploration of issues of motivation and challanging behaviour often experienced by D&A workers when working with ex-prisoners.

More information coming soon.


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