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What is the NADA Practice Enhancement Program?

The NADA Practice Enhancement Program was funded in 2010 by NSW Ministry of Health Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Office. The program aims to support NADA member services to increase their capacity to respond to the needs of clients presenting with drug and alcohol or drug and alcohol and mental health issues and cognitive impairment (including acquired brain injury, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and intellectual disability)  and/or criminal justice contact.

For more information on the PEP project click here to download the Background Information Report.


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Literature Review and Member Consultation

NADA and Community Sector Consulting have consulted with the NADA membership to develop a broader understanding of current practices and the issues and challenges of working with complex needs clients in drug and alcohol settings.  The report includes a literature review on complex needs policy and practice researching international and Australia experiences, a review of the NADA member consultation undertaken in early 2011 and case study examples of current practice in relation to this group.  To download the report click here.

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Service Practice Enhancement Seeding Grants Program

Applications Closed

NADA's Service Practice Enhancement Seeding Grant Program offered $350,000 to NADA member services to run seeding projects within their service for up to twelve months. The grants program aim to assist NADA member services in further supporting their work with complex clients such as those with a cognitive impairment or contact with the criminal justice system who present with drug and alcohol issues or co-existing drug and alcohol and mental health issues.

The grants program was highly competitive with applications for grants far exceeding the grant funding on offer. This highlights the need for further support and funding in this area.   Ten organisations across NSW were successful in recieving grants ranging from $9000 to $50000 across a diverse range of project proposals. For an overview of the project activities for each successful applicant click here.

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Practice Enhancement Program (PEP) Training Grants and EOI in Complex Needs Training

Now Closed

The PEP Training Grants Program and EOI in complex needs training was rolled out from March 2011 until February 2012.  It offered NADA member services the opportunity to apply for individual training grants or in-house training grants in the area of complex needs.  To ensure the diverse training requirements of the membership is red for, a range of training options in working with complex needs clients have been identified. To gauge membership interest across NSW/ACT in these training options, an expression of interest process was opened.

The training grants are now closed but you may be eligible for the twice yearly NADA Workforce development training grants.

If you are interested in training in working in complex need including acquired brain injury,  intellectual disability or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder clickhere to view the NADA Practice Enhancement Training Options Handbook developed in 2011 or visit the NADA online training directory - complex needs training stream for more information on training available.

Grant recipients are rquired to submit a Reimbursement Form and Recipient Report within one month of training. Contact Ciara to access these documents.

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Working with Complex Needs Free Training

The NADA Practice Enhacnement Program offered free open training to NADA member services in acquired brain injury, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and working with clients in contact with the criminal justice system.  For more information on these events and the feedback from the events visit the PEP Events Page for more information.


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Complex Needs Capable: A practice resource for drug and alcohol services

The NADA Practice Enhacnement Program has engaged a specialist advisory group to support the development of a practice resource for drug and alcohol serviceswith the aim of supporting their work with complex needs clients.  The resource will be launched in 2012, for more inforamtion click here.


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Practice Enhancement Program Events

NADA hosts a range of forums for members and stakeholders in the course of all program activitites click here for more information on these events.

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