Mapping the NSW NGO Sector

New NADA advocacy and sector development project

NADA is excited to inform you of a new project we have commenced: Mapping the NSW Non Government Drug and Alcohol Sector.

This project is not just about identifying what services are provided by who; it will undertake an analysis of the NSW non government drug and alcohol sector in order to better describe the sector's role, breadth and outcomes in the delivery of health and community services.


Sector wide service mapping

The sector wide mapping will gather information to describe the following:

- Contextual profile- overview of public sector services, overview of national and other state sectors, government reform agenda , peak body role

- Organisational profile- governance, location, service type, target population, quality improvement, etc

- Sector taxonomy- classification by service types or elements based on client complexity, need and organisational capacity, and aligned with the categorisation of the Drug and Alcohol Clinical Care and Prevention (DA-CCP) Project

- Sector development needs.


Workforce profile

Following the 2008 NADA Workforce Profile, this profile will identify:

- Workforce demographics

- Worker skill, experience and education/qualifications

- Range of job roles in the sector

- Key issues and trends impacting on the workforce

- Workforce development needs to effectively respond to client, funding and policy needs

- Review of recent literature relating to workforce profiles and issues from other Australian   States and Territories


How and when will the Project be implemented?

NADA is working with experienced consultants Siggins Miller to undertake this Project.

An Expert Reference Group (ERG) will provide broad Project guidance and content expertise. The ERG is made up of the NADA Project team (Larry Pierce, Heidi Becker and Tanya Merinda), Board members (Garth Popple and Gerard Byrne), a representative from NSW Health, the consultants, and an external person with drug and alcohol clinical and policy expertise Nic Lintzeris (Chief Addiction Medicine Specialist, NSW Health).

An essential component of this Project is gathering information about the sector from the sector. Organisations within scope are provided with a number of avenues to inform the sector mapping and workforce profile:

Sector survey      

Individual follow-up interviews      


Stakeholder interviews

The Project commences in March and is scheduled to finish in October 2013. The organisation survey and individual staff survey will be distributed by Siggins Miller in early June. Four consultation workshops will be held for members:

- Sydney (2): 22 July to 26 July 

- Lismore and Newcastle: 29 July to 2 August (week 21).


Where can I get further Project information?

NADA has more information about this Project, including a project schedule and member organisations within scope.


Contact Robert Stirling via email or phone (02) 8113 1320.


We look forward to talking with you.