Research and the provision of evidence-based approaches is critical to the success of the non government sector. It is therefore essential that we build a research agenda to support our work. Research into community based approaches to reduce drug and alcohol related harms needs to be enhanced, promoted and valued. This is fundamental to support the growth and maturing of the NGO sector. To achieve this we need to increase the capacity of our services to engage in research and contribute to evidence-based practices.

One way that NADA is supporting its members to increase their research capacity is through its partnership with the Mental Health Coordinating Council in the establishment of the Community Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Research Network (CMHDARN). The aim of the research network is to build the capacity of non government mental health and drug & alcohol services to engage in research and develop more strategic and long term relationships with researchers. Click here for information on the Research Network.

NADA has created a list of useful resources to support members in research practices. Click here for research resources.

Contact Robert for information about how you can get involved in research.