Are you looking for a specialist women's service that provides drug and alcohol treatment to women?  


           Help is available 24 hours  a day, 7 days a week:          

            Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS)         

          Ph: (02) 9361 8000      

          1800 422 599 (rural)    




Or you can download the Women's AOD Services Directory  developed as part of the Women's AOD Services Network in October 2013 (due to be reviewed in October 2014).  The Women's AOD Services Directory User Guide will help guide you through using the tool.

Are you looking for information on working with women who are pregnant and have drug and alcohol issues? 

The National Clinical Guidelines for Drug Use in Pregnancy is currently under review - or access the 2006 version.



NADA is preparing Practice Guidelines for drug and alcohol services working with women. These are being developed as part of the Women's AOD Services Development Program and will be available in the second half of 2014.


The Women's Alcohol and Other Drug Services Network

The Women's Alcohol and Other Drug Services Network was established in January 2013. The Network comprises of representatives of organisations that provide specialist services to substance using women, including children. The Network is intended to facilitate collaboration, knowledge and information sharing on an ongoing basis with the view to strengthen women's alcohol and drug non government organisations and further common strategic interests.

The Network identified the need for:

• An analysis of existing service provision to meet the needs of substance using women, and their children in NSW.
• The development of guidelines to assist these services to provide best practice interventions and ensuring consistency of care for substance using women, women who are pregnant and women and their children.