Policy & Advocacy

Policy and advocacy are two significant focus areas for NADA and we want you to be involved through information UPDATES we provide, FORUMS AND EVENTS we hold and providing us FEEDBACK anytime policy changes affect your organisation.

Advocacy is a primary role of NADA as a peak body, representing and speaking out for our members - the non government drug and alcohol sector of NSW. Our advocacy aim is captured in our Strategic Plan:Influence drug and alcohol related public policy and promote solutions to an effective non government drug and alcohol service system.

We build relationships with government departments, funding bodies, specialist organisations, research bodies, other peaks, and educational institutions to demonstrate our diverse and effective sector.

We welcome contribution from our members and stakeholders to ensure we accurately reflect the diverse views and concerns of our members.

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NADA develops policy responses and submissions based on internal knowledge and expertise from staff and Board members, as well as garnering expertise from members, stakeholders, professional bodies and individuals.

NADA leads or contributes to the development of formal collective responses with our stakeholders for greater effect. However, we also make independent submissions on matters that have the potential for significant impact on our members.


Changes to the NSW Health NGO Grant Program

During the last 12 or so months, non government organisation (NGO) grant reform has been reported on by NADA many times, we've held meetings with the membership, and the NADA Board of Directors has a constant watching brief on the issue. It is now clear that a new approach will be taken, and NADA will play an important role in helping to shape this process on your behalf.

We know the new system will fund NGOs not as part of an NGO program, but as part of a healthprogram stream.The grants have been organised into nine program areas within the Ministry under the Partnerships for Health reform process. NGOs will become one of the service providers within those streams, along with Local Health Districts, Medicare Locals and for profit providers.

NADA continues working with the MHDAO on future funding models, performance monitoring and contractual and administrative arrangements. We are vocal members of the NGO Advisory Committee, as well as specifically formed Working Group as part of the  Partnerships for Health agenda.

NADA attended the firstCommunity Engagement and Action Program Advisory Groupwith the NSW Ministry of Health and the Australian Drug Foundation, which will oversee the review of the Framework for Action and advice on the delivery of the program.


Quality Framework for Australian Government Funded Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services Project

On behalf of Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Centre, NADA arranged the second consultation on their development of a Quality Framework for Australian Government Funded Drug and Alcohol Treatment ServicesProject. We have provided feedback on the draft documents and maintained project communication with Turning Point and the Department of Health.


NADA Peaks Meeting

NADA hosted a meeting with representation from each of the other state and territory peak bodies to discuss sector capacity building activity and opportunities for collaboration.


Work with Local Health Districts 

NADA is working with a number of Local Health Districts to support rational and consistent performance measures for their contractual arrangements with local NGOs.


Older People's Drug and Alcohol Project

Staff attended the NSW Ministry of Health Older People's Drug & Alcohol Project Expert Advisory Groupwhich seeks to identify the key issues relevant to older people with substance use issues, and existing service models and best practice responses for this population.


 Youth Health and Wellbeing

NADA participated in a consultation for Building the Health Workforce Capacity on Youth Health Scoping Study being progressed by the Youth Health and Wellbeing Team at NSW Kids and Families


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NADA provides comment on a range of issues through written submission either independently or in collaboration with other peak bodies. For more information on NADA's policy and advocacy work, go to the NADA Submissions page. 

NADA provided a formal response to the NSW Ministry of Health Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office (MHDAO) 'Guide to consumer participation in drug and alcohol treatment in NSW' questions



NADA staff attend meetings and consultations to represent and advocate for our members. You can review a full list of regular meetings that NADA staff and Board members attend: MEETING REPRESENTATION



In 2012, NADA replaced the Policy, Advocacy and Representation Report with this new web page to better demonstrate recent policy and advocacy activity.


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