Guidelines and plans

This page contains links to guidelines and plans by the NSW and Commonwealth Governments relating to drug and alcohol and/or mental health policy and service delivery.

NSW Drug and Alcohol Guidelines/Plans

NSW Health Drug and Alcohol Psychosocial Interventions Professional Practice Guidelines (2008)
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Guidelines for Residential Settings (2007)
NSW Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Clinical Practice Guidelines (2007)
MERIT Residential Treatment Guidelines: A Guide for MERIT Teams and Residential Treatment Providers (2007)
Drug and Alcohol Plan 2006 - 2010: A Plan for the NSW Health Drug and Alcohol Program
NSW Drug and Alcohol Clinical Supervision Guidelines (2006)

Commonwealth Guidelines/Plans

National Comorbidity Guidelines
Guidelines on the management of co-occurring alcohol and other drug and mental health conditions in alcohol and other drug treatment settings
Fourth National Mental Health Plan: an agenda for collaborative government action in mental health 2009 - 2014
Living is for Everyone: A Framework for the Prevention of Suicide in Australia (2009)
The National Drug Strategy 2010 - 2015

Mental Health/Comorbidity

NSW Health Comorbidity Guidelines (2009) NSW Clinical Guidelines for the Care of Persons with Comorbid Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders in Acute Care Settings
Comorbidity Framework for Action: NSW Mental Health/Drug and Alcohol (2008)
Mental Health Reference Resource for Drug and Alcohol Workers (2007)
NSW Community Mental Health Strategy 2007 - 2012: From Prevention and Early Intervention to Recovery

NSW: A New Direction for Mental Health (2006)
NSW Interagency Action Plan for Better Mental Health (2005)

For more resources on mental health and co-existing mental health and drug and alcohol use, please click here to go to the Improved Services resource page. The page contains information and links to guidelines, toolkits, screening and assessment, partnerships training and research organisations.

For more resources on drug and alcohol health promotion, click here.