Responding to alcohol and drug related harms in NSW: Mapping the NSW non government alcohol and other drugs sector   (2014)

The report is a comprehensive sector mapping and taxonomy of the NSW specialist non government alcohol and other drugs sector. It provides an overview of our sector, showcases our achievements and existing capacity, identify areas for development, and provides a series of recommendations.

Download the report here

FundAssist: prepare, plan, and write successful funding applications  (2014)

FundAssist aims to help non government alcohol and other drug organisations prepare, plan, and write successful funding applications. The resource was commissioned by NADA on behalf of the AOD peak bodies and developed by NCETA.

The Fund Assist resource has been designed to help organisations and individuals:

- Develop strategies to reduce the stress associated with applying for funding

- Navigate the diversity of funding options available and understand how funding bodies allocate funding

- Understand the essential components of a funding application and improve their writing skills.

The resource is available as a hard copy, electronic interactive pdf, or on the website. 

Working with diversity in alcohol and other drug settings  (2014)

The working with diversity in alcohol and other drug settings resource has been developed by NADA to support non government drug and alcohol organisations in their work with the diversity of clients that access our services and represent the NSW population. It contains examples of best practice approaches, as well as a range of useful resources for services providers.

The following populations have been included in the resource:

• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
• Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities
• Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex people
• Older People

Click here to download the resource.

NADA Benchmarking Guide

NADA Benchmarking Guide (2014)

This benchmarking guide gives drug and alcohol organisations an introduction to what benchmarking is and how to use benchmarking as a simple quality improvement tool. The guide contains an overview of benchmarking, its benefits and some of the issues involved in making best use of benchmarks; a discussion of different approaches to benchmarking and what is involved; a practical step by guide to introducing benchmarks into your organisation and a guide to selecting benchmarks and indicators that make best use of information already collected by the organisation.

NADA Women's AOD Services Development Program Needs Analysis

A needs analysis of women seeking and receiving drug and alcohol treatment was conducted by LeeJenn Health Consultants. To download the report click here.

Resources and research

National Police Check Frequently Asked Questions (2013)

NADA has developed an FAQ document surrounding the management of criminal record checks and how they impact policies, procedures and operations within the NGO drug and alcohol sector. The document includes information on recruitment processes, organisational responsibilities and the relevant anti-discrimination laws in relation to hiring employees with a criminal record.    

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement Resource Tool for Non Government Drug and Alcohol Organisations - Version 2 (2013)

NADA has partnered with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) to develop a specific resource to support non government drug and alcohol organisations understand and apply ACHS' EQuIP5 Standards. This QI Resource Tool provides explanations for EQuIP5's Standards, Criterion and Elements; and suggests evidence that may assist in developing your organisation's quality improvement program and attaining accreditation. 

NADA and ACHS Quality Improvement Resource Tool (2009)

Case Notes

Take Note! A practice guide to writing case notes: A comparison with the NSW jurisdiction, Legal Aid NSW. To be read alsong side Take Note! A practice guide to writing case notes developed by Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre. Click here to order the Take Note resource.

Complex Needs

Complex needs Capable: A Practice Resource for Drug and Alcohol Services (2013)  

NGO Practice Ehanacement Program: Working with Complex Needs Initiative Literature Review and Member Consultation Report (2011)  


From Individuals to Families: Single Session Consultations (DVD) 2012

The DVD, developed in partnership with The Bouverie Centre, provides a practical case example from the an alcohol and other drug service. It also included interviews with staff from three NADA members discussing the implementation of the single session approach to working with families in alcohol and other drug settings. Contact Robert for more information.

Supporting your clients in court: Quick tips for AOD workers

This resource Includes tips on writing court reports, letters of support and highlights considerations for you you're your client when attending Court. The resource is adapted from the Building confidence and capacity for court presentation, developed by Legal Aid NSW in 2012 as part of the Networking for Court Support partnership project with NADA, Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre and Legal Aid NSW. Click here to download the resource.

No Bars Resources (please contact Ciara for hardcopies)
No Bars Training Flyer (2011)
No Bars Information Booklet (2011)
No Bars Information Sheet (2011)
No Bars Website (2011))

NADA Policy toolkit

NADA Policy Toolkit (2010)
NADA Policy Toolkit Feedback Report (2011)

NADA Policy Toolkit Review

NADA Governance toolkit

NADA Governance toolkit (2011)

Working with families and carers toolkit

Tools for Change: A new way of working with families and carers (2009)

Outcome and Assessment Measures
A Review of Screening, Assessment and Outcome Measures for Drug and Alcohol Settings (2009)
Summary Table of Outcome Measures


Planning Framework and User Guidebook: Outcome based planning and reporting framework user guidebook for Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation Services (2010)

This Outcome Based Planning and Reporting Framework and User Guide have been developed for Aboriginal drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation treatment services. The resource was developed with the input of Managers from Aboriginal Residential drug and alcohol treatment services in NSW for the use by the specialist drug and alcohol sector. The service planning framework will provide organisations with guidance on how to incorporate best practice service delivery with organisational management and governance. The service planning framework makes reference to areas such as quality improvement, funding and performance management, risk management and employee professional development.

NSW Alcohol and other Drug Non Government Sector Workforce Profile and Issues (2008)

Training Needs Assessment of NGO Alcohol and other Drug Agencies in NSW (2007)