What We Do

NADA is the peak organisation for the non government drug and alcohol sector in NSW and our goal is to advance and support non government drug and alcohol agencies in NSW to reduce the alcohol and drug related harm to individuals, families and the community.

We do this through advocacy, representing the sector and developing partnerships with government, funding bodies, other community services sectors, quality improvement service providers, education, training and advisory bodies, research bodies and the media.



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We also manage a range of projects that strengthen agencies to be sustainable, appropriately resourced and able to deliver quality services to those affected by drugs and alcohol.

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The Board of Directors acts as the overarching governing body while the NADA staff are responsible for member services, organisational management, leading and implementing projects, contributing to policy, and advocating on behalf of the sector.  

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In 2014/15 NADA will continue to work towards the outcomes outlined in our Strategic Plan 2011-2014.

1. Increase the knowledge and capacity of the non government drug and alcohol sector 

2. Promote a results driven culture within the non government drug and alcohol sector and support quality based practices

3. Influence drug and alcohol related policy and promote solutions to sustain an effective non government drug and alcohol service system

4. Continuing to develop NADA as a quality peak body for the NSW non government drug and alcohol sector.

5. Enhance NADA's operations as a quality member driven organisation


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