This section of the NADA website provides helpful information and guiding documents to assist you and your organisation form and maintain meaningful partnerships.

NADA / MHCC  Partnerships Forum 9 May 2012  Click here to download the report.
The joint forum between NADA and MHCC brought together a diverse audience and series of panels that explored the challenges of partnerships in a time of change, and highlighted innovative partnership models.

NADA Partnerships Forum May 2011   Click here to download the report.
The Forum brought together a wide range of government and non government services with a focus on drug and alcohol, mental health and associated social issues such as housing/homelessness and employment.  The primary aim of the forum was to develop and explore the parternships and linkages required to ensure effective and sustainable pathways between services to meet the needs of individuals, families and communities affected by co-existing mental health and drug and alcohol issues.

Partnership Scoping Report June 2010  Click here to download the report. 
NADA completed a partnership scoping exercise to identify existing and potential partnerships that would assist both NADA and its member agencies to enhance their capacity to support individuals, families and communities.  

NADA Template Documents
NADA have developed template documents to assist members who are embarking on formal written partnerships.
Click here to download an External Relationships Policy template

Click here to download a template Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
Click here to download a template Intention to Collaborate document. 

NCOSS Formalising Partnerships Toolkit
provides indepedant and informed policy advice and review and plays a key coordination and leadership role for the non government social and community services sector in New South Wales. 

Mental Health Coordinating Council
MHCC's Promoting Partnerships contains information and resources including the 7 Stages of Partnership Development. 
MHCC is the peak NSW organsation which provides leadership and representation to its membership and seeks to improve, promote and develop quality mental health seriveas to the community.        

Click to download A scoping report of NSW Division of General Practice: their activities and networks with Community Managed Organisations.

A guide to understanding and working with General Practice in NSW
General Practice NSW
is the state based support and education organisation for 33 Divisions of General Practice across the state. Divisions of General Practice are committed to enhancing communication and integration between GPs and the wider health system, and improving the health of the community by supporting General Practice collaboration with other health professionals in the delivery of quality health care. Please contact Robert or Sarah for the contact details for each Division in NSW.

NSW Ministry of Health - Area Mental Health Clinical Partnerships Program
Clinical Partnership Program  
Click here for contact details for the Area Mental Health Clinical Partnerships Program contact in each of the former NSW Health Area Health Services.

The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation has developed a fact sheet on developing partnerships. They have also produced the Partnerships Analysis Tool which  is based on the evaluation of a range of initiatives undertaken to promote mental health and wellbeing.  The tool was produced to facilitate partnerships across sectors.

NSW Health Local Health Districts Strategic Partnerships.  This site includes information on partnership projects undertaken by Sydney and Western Sydney Local Health Districts including an Aboriginal Health Partnership and the Fairfield City Council and Health Promotion Partnership

The Victoria Council of Social Services (VCOSS) has produced some helpful partnerships guidelines such as Preparing to Partner and Sustaining the Partnership.  These can be accessed here.

The partnering toolbook: An essential guide to cross-sector partnering
Produced by the International Business Leaders Forum, this handbook provides tools and frameworks for building effective partnerships. Click here to access.

The Brokering Handbook: Navigating effective sustainable development partnerships
Produced by the International Business Leaders Forum,  this handbook provides tips and advise on brokering, using partnership building language and sustaining outcomes and more. Click here to access.