Sector Development: Past Projects


The Practice Enhancement Project, PEP: Working with Complex Needs Initiative

The NADA Practice Enhancement Project: Working with Complex Needs Initiative was funded by NSW Ministry of Health Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office from 2010 to 2013. The project aimed to increase the capacity of drug and alcohol services to work with clients with complex needs including clients with drug and alcohol or co-existing drug and alcohol and mental health issues and criminal justice contact or cognitive impairment.

The project scoping phase produced a literature review and consultation report by Community Sector Consulting.     Access the Literature Review Report.  

An external evaluation by EJD Consulting was also undertaken: Access the External Evaluation Report

Visit the NADA Criminal Justice and Complex Needs pages for information on resources developed through this project.


Improved Services Initiative

The Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) funded the Improved Services Initiative, a national project which aims to build the capacity of non-government drug and alcohol organsations to effectively identify and treat co-occurring substance use and mental illness.

There are two key components of the Improved Services Initiative, the grants program and the Cross Sectoral Support and Strategic Partnership (CSSSP) project.

1) Capacity Building Grants Program for NGO D&A organisations
2) Cross Sectoral Support and Strategic Partnership (CSSSP) project

NADA's component of the CSSSP Project was completed in June 2012.


The Networking for Court SupportCollaboration, Confidence, Court Support and Case Notes Project

The Networking for Court Support: Collaboration, Confidence, Court Support and Case Notes project aimed to increase the skills, knowledge, capacity and confidence of drug and alcohol staff in the NSW non government sector to better support clients navigating the NSW court system.  The project was jointly funded in 2012 by the Foundation of Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) Community Education and Engagement Grants Program and by the NADA Practice Enhancement Program.

The project was a partnership project between NADA, Legal Aid NSW and Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre, Victoria.  It included resource development and free workshops providing practical guidance on writing case notes and court reports. The workshops also provided an overview of the court system and the opportunity for networking across the drug and alcohol and justice sectors.

The project was modelled on the FARE funded 2011 Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (VAADA) Four C's for Court Program.  NADA would like to acknowledge the contribution of the VAADA project.

For more information on the project, including details on the project partners, click here to download the Project Background Information or contact Ciara. Visit the NADA Criminal Justice Page for more information on resources developed through this project.


NO BARS: Supporting Drug and Alcohol Services to Work with Criminal Justice Services

The NO BARS project was a partnership project between NADA and the Community Restorative Centre (CRC) NSW. It was funded through the NSW Health Illicit Drug Diversion Initiative between 2008 -2010. NADA and CRC worked together to develop an educational and information resource designed to help drug and alcohol services in their work with people who have become involved with the criminal justice system.

The NO BARS Project included a website and training package designed specifically for NSW NGO drug and alcohol sector. It explains how this cycle of relapse and reoffending can occur and how drug and alcohol services can support their clients to break this cycle.

For more information visit the NO BARS website resource page for a comprehensive overview of resources related to criminal justice clients. 

If you would like more information on the NADA NO BARS Project contact Heidi.

Cross Training in the Drug and Alcohol and Mental Health NGO Sectors:

The Mental Illness and Substance Use Capacity Building Project (MISU) &

The Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Change Management Project (No Wrong Door)

NADA was funded by NSW Health to work in partnership with the Mental Health Coordinating Council (MHCC) and Kedesh Rehabilitation Services (KRS) to develop and deliver mental health and drug and alcohol cross training within the mental health and drug and alcohol non government sector.  The mental health sector package - No Wrong Door - also partnered with University of Wollongong, Illawarra Institute of Mental Health for a comprehensive evaluation.

The Cross Training Projects were completed in June 2010.

For further information on these projects please contact Heidi at NADA on (02) 8113 1317 or email