Women's AOD Services Development Program

Women's Alcohol and Other Drug Non Government Services

A number of organisations provide specialist services to substance using women in NSW, including those providing services to their children. This service provision is complex and requires additional support in comparison to conventional alcohol and other drug treatment services.  Women who access drug and alcohol services have indicated they have difficulty accessing other services in the community they have required (for example pre-natal classes, housing) due to issues such as stigma, discrimination, and potential involvement of child protection services.

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In June 2013 NADA was funded by the Department of Health to build the capacity of the NSW non government drug and alcohol sector to meet the needs of substance using women and their children. NADA developed The Women's Alcohol and Other Drug Services Development Program. The program includes a comprehensive needs analysis, Service Delivery Enhancement Grants, the development of Practice Guidelines and workforce support for the sector

Expert Advisory Group

The Program will be guided by an Expert Advisory Group that includes representatives from:

• The Women's AOD Services Network
• The Department of Health and Ageing
• The Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Office, NSW Ministry of Health
• National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction
• National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre

The Expert Advisory Group's role includes providing advice on all four major program activities and reviewing and providing comment on the needs analysis and practice guidelines.

Women's AOD Services Needs Analysis

A needs analysis of women seeking and receiving alcohol and drug treatment has been conducted by LeeJenn Health consultants. The needs analysis identifies the gaps and challenges in service provision for women with substance misuse issues including women who are pregnant, women with or without children and women receiving opioid substitute treatment. The needs analysis included a literature review and consultation phase as well as identifing and recommending best practice in service delivery.

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Practice Guidelines

Practice Guidelines are currently being developed to support organisations to provide best practice interventions and consistency of care for women, with and without children. The guidelines will be available in the second half of 2014. 


Women's AOD Service Delivery Enhancement Grants

Targeted Women's AOD Service Delivery Enhancement Grants have been distributed to six specialist women's drug and alcohol services through a competitive grants process. These grants cover eight projects over a twelve month period ending in May 2015, and include the development and / or implementation of a day, aftercare and transition programs, trauma informed care service provision and enhancing service accessibility and retention for Aboriginal women. For more information on the successful grant recipients and the successful projects click here.

Support to services through partnership, organisational and workforce development activities

NADA is providing ongoing support throughout the program by sourcing and facilitating partnership building opportunities and workforce development.

For more information

If you would like more information download the Women's AOD Background Information Sheet or contact Ciara on 02 8113 1036 for more information.